Self-care Makeovers For Burnt-out Boss Babes

Self-care is a strategically selfish routine that empowers you to be sustainably selfless.

Self-care Makeovers For Burnt-out Boss Babes is the program I wish had existed back when I was trying to kick the achievement itch. It's designed for burnt-out boss babes who are serious about their self-care. They're tired of their status quo. They want lasting change. And they're willing to invest the time and money to create it.

I've curated my favorite, most useful tips, tools, info and practices from over 2,500 hours of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, improv, therapy, and coaching. I've condensed them into 12 accessible, themed weeks of 1:1 motivational wellness coaching.  

Your self-care makeover will empower you to:

  • Get more and better sleep
  • Build more conscious relationships with work, family, friends, alcohol, social media, food and money
  • Set strong boundaries
  • Own your self-worth
  • Have fun!
  • Without having to quit your job and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Though you're welcome to do that too!) 

We can work 1:1 in-person or virtually.  The program is broken down into 12, one-week modules. Each module focuses on a specific topic and comprises:

  • 50-minute coaching session
    • What's going well
    • Question of the week - this helps us contextualize the week's theme around your life and specific needs
    • Experiential Learning - we'll try on a new skill (e.g., yoga pose, breathing technique, meditation exercise.
    • Useful facts (curated, science-backed data and information regarding weekly topic)
    • Application Actions (we'll create 1-2 actions to help you practice what you've learned!) 
  • Fun work (it's like homework, only it's fun)
    • Curated article or video
    • Daily journal (optional to email to Kasey)
    • Application Actions

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