Self-care Boot Camp For Burnt-out Boss Babes

You deserve to crush your goals without crushing your soul.

Self-care Boot Camp For Burnt-out Boss Babes is laser-focused on balancing your unique energy equation. It helps busy boss babes quickly and efficiently identify their most significant sources of burnout and most attractive opportunity for better self-care (the low-hanging, high impact fruit). And it only takes three weeks to do!

Great, so how does it work?

The Self-Care Boot Camp For Burnt-out Boss Babes helps you powerfully visualize your current self-care routine and burnout in terms of the Law of Conservation of Energy!

Say what?!

Okay, hear me out! I'm an engineer (AKA a huge nerd). I love adapting science and engineering into my programs in a fun and accessible way. As it turns out, visualizing burnout in terms of The Law of Conservation of Energy is surprisingly useful and fun!

The law states that energy remains constant. That means it's neither created nor destroyed. In engineering we write it as an equation:

Energy Input = Energy Output

In engineering, if we don't balance that equation, things don't work right (or at all). 

In the boss babe world, if we don't balance that equation, we don't work right (or at all). 

That's burnout!

During the Self-care Boot Camp For Burnt-Out Boss Babes, we'll build your energy equation. Then, I'll teach you my most effective self-care tool to start balancing it. After just three weeks you'll walk away with a beautiful map that shows you which activities are sucking the most energy from you and which are replenishing the most energy within you. Also, you'll have a crystal-clear next step to create better balance.


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