about moi

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My first thought was “Phew.” My second thought was “FuuU…

Phew because it could have been worse.

F$#! because the odds of surviving Septic Shock are as good as a coin toss.

After a sobering and scary 48 hours in the ICU, I hobbled out of the hospital alive, but permanently altered.

Until that moment, I had based my whole life on a single assumption: I would have enough time. I would have enough time to do something I loved; to find someone I loved; to take care of my health; to write a book; to … fill in the blank.

That no longer felt like a safe assumption to make. Still, I did my best to grin, bear, and ignore the fact that despite being a successful, Stanford-educated engineer who was making six-figures and directing the global rebrand of a Fortune 500 company, I wasn’t happy.

Then, three years later, I was on an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean when my pilot said, “Mayday,” over the intercom. For the next 30 minutes I was convinced I was going to die in a freak plane crash.

When I safely disembarked in Shannon, Ireland, I made myself a promise, “No more waiting.” I signed up for a yoga teacher training as soon as I landed stateside.

On my 29th birthday I launched the new brand, quit my job, and started teaching yoga for $7.50/hour.

I had no backup plan and no idea what I wanted to do.

I felt deeply ashamed and scared.

People judged me. They said hurtful things like, “Kasey had a breakdown.” Others labeled me, “She went a bit crazy.” It was a lonely, confusing, and expensive choice.

But I knew one thing for certain: I deserve to live a life that I love. And I’m willing to put in the work to create it.

In fact, I believe that we all deserve that.

And because life is funny, it turns out that’s exactly what I love to do: coach people how to do their most passionate work; live their best life; and take care of themselves at the same time.

My jam is putting people back in the driver seat of their life, career, and health.

I take great pleasure in shattering the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual shame that stands in between you and the life that you love living.

And I absolutely adore building, consulting, and investing in businesses that are doing the same thing!