It took two traumas and a massive burnout for me to find a healthier way of working and a better way of living.


I’m Kasey Dreier. I grew up in competitive environments that valued productivity and performance over creativity and wellbeing. As a result, I grew up believing some common myths…

1. I can sleep when I die. If I work harder than everyone else I’m sure to succeed. Until then, push through.

2. Productivity over creativity. Art is nice but it doesn’t pay the bills.

3. Net-worth is the source of my self-worth. My worth = my savings, income, job title, accomplishments, and material possessions.

4. Always say yes. As a woman I will always have to work harder than men to prove myself. So say yes to every opportunity and slay it.

5. Self-care is selfish, woo-woo, and weak. Admitting I need help is weak. Investing in my well-being is a luxury.

It took two serious traumas, including almost dying, before I started to question, challenge, and eventually reject these beliefs.

In 2015 I quit my six-figure, corporate job - the epitome of success to me - to start over and start healthier.

I wanted to find a way to make my living into a life and my life into something I enjoyed living.

More than anything, I wanted to value my creativity and knack for motivational coaching as much as I valued my elite degrees and engineering skills.

So I spent tens of thousands of dollars on yoga teacher trainings, business trainings, coaching, therapy, consulting, and PR/marketing/advertising.

Now I’m running two businesses that I love; writing; speaking; and taking care of myself.

But, TBH, finding a better way caused me a lot of emotional and financial stress.

I wouldn’t change the way I did it.

But I’m committed to offering affordable programs and services that help creative entrepreneurs build businesses they love that nourish their souls without sacrificing their wellbeing or their financial health in the process.

I’d love to hop on the phone and chat about your business and your self-care. It’s free and it’s fun. Book it below!