I'm a fiercely competitive Aries. By the time I was 29 I was earning six-figures as an executive at a Fortune 500 company. I had two Stanford engineering degrees, a professional engineering license and had just successfully launched the rebrand of a 26,000 person company across 50 countries.

I was "living the dream." And I was M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E.

No matter how many accolades I accumulated, I never felt content. In fact, the more I seemed to earn the more unhappy and stressed I became.

I was ten pounds rounder than I wanted to be. I averaged two glasses of wine and five hours of sleep a night. I had no time to date.

One day, sitting in my therapist's office, balling my eyes out, I choked out the words, "When will I ever feel like enough?"

It was at that moment I decided that if this was "living the dream," I desperately needed a better dream.

So I quit my fancy job with no backup plan. I spent the next several years investing $400K of my net worth into yoga teacher trainings, meditation classes, career coaching, health cleanses, facials, massages, traveling and trying to start three separate businesses.

Only to discover that the feeling of "being enough" wasn't a destination or something I could buy. It was a birthright that lived inside of me. It had been there all along. But it was waiting for me to cut the bullshit, build the right self-care habits and own my self-worth.

So that's what I did. And guess what?!

I currently have zero fancy titles. But, I experience contentment daily. I know my worth, and I own it.

I'm as fit as I want to be. I rarely drink when I'm stressed. I sleep eight hours a night. I have a vibrant and fun dating life. I love who I am.

Most importantly, I stopped taking myself and my problems so seriously. Instead of looking at this time in my life as a twisted nightmare, I am treating it like a grand adventure. I know how to be ambitious AND take care of myself, so I can consistently experience deep, overflowing joy.

I still set big goals, but not because I'm trying to prove something. I set big goals because I'm on a mission to shatter shame and have a bloody good time doing it! I am the CEO of my life and well-being. I'm crushing it. But it's no longer crushing me.

I want to help you experience this too!

Can you relate? 

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