Hi, I’m Kasey. And I’m the nerdiest fairy godmother you'll ever meet.

Part Pollyanna, part water engineer, mostly Richard Simmons in female form, I love to motivate and love others. Across my three plus decades of life I’ve expressed this passion in many forms.

First, as a camp counselor named Striker. I helped run a camp for children whose parents had suffered or died from cancer. It's where she learned the power of emotional intelligence and active listening.

Next I got to be a water engineer and balance taking care of people and the planet through sustainable stormwater and wastewater treatment design. In my mid-twenties I had the cool chance to direct the rebrand of my engineering company. This experience taught me the importance of culture, not just within an organization, but across countries and regions. I got to travel around the world and co-create a brand that told a purpose-driven story about engineering and infrastructure. It emphasized our common humanity across human-made boundaries.

But my greatest adventures involved two traumas in my twenties. A bad infection in 2010 almost killed me. And an emergency plane landing on a business trip in 2013 deeply shook me.

More importantly, they forced me to admit that I wasn’t living my purpose.

You know those memes and Facebook videos that say that the thing people regret most at the end of their lives is not doing what they really loved? Well, I can vouch for that. Because that was exactly my only regret. First while lying in a hospital bed connected to 12 tubes. Next while flying over the Atlantic Ocean listening to my pilot say, “Mayday.”

I wasn’t mad that I was only 24 and 27 at the time. I wasn’t worried that my family didn’t know that I loved them. I was scared. Because I hadn’t bothered to figure out what I really wanted out of my life. I had done what I was supposed to. And I had assumed I had time to climb a corporate ladder, make a ton of money and my family proud, then - toward the end of my life - do something I really loved.

These experiences forced me to confront the unmanageable amount of stress I had been operating under for 15 years. And to admit that I was struggling with my mental health. In addition to depression and anxiety, I was suffering from crippling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This was devastating for an eternal optimist and overachiever who ate stress for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Not sure what to do, I did what any respectable Millennial would. I quit my corporate job and became a yoga teacher :).

I spent the next several years studying yoga, psychology, meditation, and coaching. In addition to getting certified in yoga psychology and coaching, I started seeing a therapist regularly and journalling daily. I tried on Reiki, became a meditation teacher, and got myself a coach.

I failed spectacularly at starting four businesses. That is, until I finally decided to own my purpose and live it.

I am an abundant love catalyst.

I perform as a sacred mirror.

I shatter shame.

So that you can live your brightest life.

See, you shouldn’t have to wait for a near death or traumatic experience to feel like you have permission to change your life and chase your purpose. And you shouldn’t have to navigate that awesome hero’s journey alone. That’s why I started my Soul Goals Coaching program.

To help you connect to your life’s giant purpose. To hold space so you can listen to the wisdom of your soul. To cheer you on on the road less traveled: yours.

When I’m not coaching, I’m running Bask + Being - a stress coaching company on a mission to reduce stress and put joy back in the heart of businesses, communities, and people.

And when I’m not doing that, I’m hanging out with my dog, Tucker, or journaling somewhere in (New) Mexico.

Official Credentials

B.S. Environmental Engineering, Stanford, 2008

M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford, 2009

Professional Engineering License, State of California

200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Corepower Yoga, 2014

50-Hour Certified Yoga Sculpt Teacher, Corepower Yoga, 2016

300-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Ashley Turner Yoga Psychology, 2017

Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute, 2018