Your self worth and your net worth are two very different things.

And your access to resources, inspiration, coaching, and community shouldn’t be limited by your bank account. That’s why this page is filled with high quality, free resources!

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Soul goals - meditation & Journaling

Start your week off bright with a simple meditation and a journal prompt! This weekly newsletter is designed to help you connect to your purpose, talk to your soul, and get to know yourself better.


yoga & movement

Moving your body is about more than getting in shape. It’s about learning to listen to and trust what it has to say. Movement is medicine. I record free yoga exercises and movement routines on my social media channels. Follow me on the ones you like best!



Be your own coach with my how-to blogs! I cover things like:

  • How to find your purpose.

  • How to self care without breaking the bank.

  • How to say “No” without sounding like a jerk.

And loads more!