Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the Boot Camp work?

The Boot Camp is an accelerated, group coaching program. It's three weeks long and each coaching session is 3:1 (three boss babes and one Kasey). It comprises:

3, 50-minute, 3:1 coaching sessions

  • Build your personal energy balance equation
  • Identify activities that are most energy draining
  • Identify activities that are most energy replenishing
  • Create a powerful action step to create better balance 

How does a Makeover work?

The program is broken down into 12, one-week modules. Each module focuses on a specific topic and comprises:

50-minute coaching session

  • What's going well
  • Question of the week - this helps us contextualize the week's theme around your life and specific needs
  • Experiential Learning - we'll try on a new skill (e.g., yoga pose, breathing technique, meditation exercise.
  • Useful facts (curated, science-backed data and information regarding the weekly topic)
  • Application Actions (we'll create 1-2 actions to help you practice what you've learned!) 

Fun work (it's like homework, only it's fun)

  • Curated article or video
  • Daily journal (optional to email to Kasey)
  • Application Actions

Do we meet in-person or virtually?

If you're in Los Angeles, we have the option to meet in-person. Otherwise, we meet through Google Hangout. I assure you it is just as fun and fruitful as meeting in person. (And yes, if you live in LA, you can still choose to meet virtually).

    How will self-care help me with my career?

    I get it. You're a boss babe because you are great at prioritizing your career and ambitions. I honor that. I admire that. But as the adage goes, what got you here won't get you there. If you want to up-level your career, you have to work smarter, not harder. Maintaining your health and sanity will become mission critical. 

    Your body, mind, and spirit are the machines you will continue to rely on as you crush even bigger goals. They deserve as much attention as your inbox (more in our opinion!). 

    How will self-care help me with my family?

    If you're a boss babe, the chances are high that you are a boss mom, daughter, sister and friend. Investing in yourself can seem selfish, especially when it involves time and money. That's because it is. It is selfish. And that's so incredibly necessary! Self-care makeovers aren't about self-indulgence (though, on occasion, we do encourage that!). It's about learning how to be strategically selfish so that you can be sustainably selfless. Your family and friends need you for the long haul. They require you to be a little selfish. In fact, in this case, it's a little selfish not to be a little selfish

    What are my credentials?

    I have two engineering degrees from Stanford - B.S. Environmental Engineering and M.S. Civil Engineering. I worked my ass off to get my professional engineering license by the time I was 26. I then proceeded to direct the global rebrand of a Fortune 500 company between the ages of 26 and 28. This entailed program managing:

    • one high-end, New York brand agency
    • Several dozen pitch decks and updates to c-suite and board
    • 50 projects
    • 100 virtual, global teammates
    • 2,000 employee ambassadors across 50 countries
    • Multi-million dollar budget

    Between the demand of managing such a massive effort at such a young age and experiencing two life-altering traumas in my twenties, I was one burnt-out boss babe. So on my 29th birthday, I proceeded to launch the new brand successfully and give my notice.

    I became a yoga teacher and started three businesses. It turned out that I started those three businesses to make myself feel like I was doing something important, not because I wanted to do them. So I folded or quit each of them. But, I kept teaching yoga.

    I'm a 500-hour e-RYT yoga teacher. That means that I have over 500 hours of formal training and more than 1,000 hours of real, hands-on experience teaching. My concentration (yoga's equivalence to a college major) is Yoga Psychology. It turns out that yoga is, in fact, an ancient psychology. I'm trained to teach yogis how to use physical poses, breathing techniques, meditation and mantras to heal their bodies, minds, and souls. (Importantly, I am in no way, shape or form a therapist). 

    I'm also in the process of completing my 200-hour health coach and life coach certifications.

    Finally, I can only take my clients as far as I've gone myself. I've been in the hot-seat as the client. I've invested over $400,000 of my net-worth (savings, income and opportunity cost) and 2,500 hours of my time into therapy, coaching, yoga and personal development over the past four years.

    I'm a boss babe. I was an executive with a six-figure income of a Fortune 500 company by the time I was 29. I've spent a decade of my life and most of my financial wealth learning the best self-care tips, tools and processes to heal, build inner self-worth and crush my goals without killing my soul.

    I've curated these self-care tips, tools, and processes and combined them with my mad program management skills to create a fun, 12-week program that lets you completely revamp your self-care routine. Bonus, it won't cost you $400K, five years and your current job to figure it out. I did that hard part for you! You're welcome!


    Common Concerns


    I don't have enough money.

    If you aren't interested in this program, that's one thing. But if you want to do this program and your hangup is "I don't have enough money," you needed to start this program yesterday. 

    That's because your issue isn't how much money you have to your name. It's owning your self-worth and valuing your health and sanity.

    How do I know this?

    I have used this exact line many times. I used this excuse indiscriminate of my income. I used it when I was earning six-figures as a corporate executive. I used it when I was making $25,000/year as a yoga teacher.  

    My problem was not finding the money. My challenge was deciding that I was worth the investment.

    Your energy, time and wellness are worth it. You are worth it. You will find the money.

    I promise. Give me a call!

    I travel too much.

    No problem, we can work together virtually. So whether you're in an airport, uber or hotel room, I got you!

    But, can I ask you a question? Do you like how much you are traveling? 

    If yes, sweet. 

    If not, if you had stronger boundaries with work, relationships, friends or family could you travel less? Want to give it a think? Cool, sign up for a free 15-minute makeover consult.

    Work-life balance is a myth. 

    Is it really, though? Or is work-life balance hard, dynamic and a moving target? 

    Work-life balance is tricky and possible. Luckily, you're a boss babe because you thrive on challenges. So why back down now? Sign up for a free 15-minute makeover and let's start talking strategy!

    I've never meditated.

    Have you ever prayed, sang a song, or gone for a long, quiet walk on a beach or in the mountains?

    Then you've meditated, silly! You just didn't realize it. 

    Want to learn how to do it on cue, including in the middle of a particularly painful conference call?

    Sweet! Sign up for a free 15-minute makeover consult and let's discuss!

    I have a self-care routine - mani/pedis and wine.

    I love me a good spa day chased with a glass of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. But there's a thin line between self-care and self-medicating. I'm intimately familiar with this line and have crossed it countless times.

    Typically, when we feel overwhelmed and reach for a martini or mani/pedi we're, at best, trying to escape our stress. At worst, we're trying to numb it. This approach is okay in moderation. It's dangerous when it becomes habitual and subconscious. 

    Real self-care is the upfront investment that helps us avoid burn-out, manage stress, and cut self-medication off at the pass. It's like paying into a wellness piggy bank to:

    • Reduce the number of stressors in our life
    • Grow our energy and wellness reservoir, so we have more patience and spaciousness in the face of inevitable stress and deadlines
    • Build an arsenal of healthy coping tools that we can employ if and when we feel flooded with anxiety and emotion

    Wondering if your self-care routine might be self-medication in disguise? Give me a call and let's chat!

    I'm too broken.

    When I was 24 years old, I almost died from Toxic Shock Syndrome, which I contracted from an infection in my leg. 

    When I was 27 years old, I was in an emergency plane landing and thought I was going to die. 

    I suffered from PTSD for five, miserable years. Coupled with two decades of chronic stress and addiction to overachievement, I thought I was too broken to ever be put back together. 

    Fortunately, my family, friends, coaches, and therapists didn't believe that. They refused to give up on me. 

    I don't believe that you're too broken either. In fact, I believe that with the right support system, you can transform your brokenness into the most mesmerizing beauty. As Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the mother of the five stages of grief so eloquently puts it:

    “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

    Set up your 15-minute consult, sister. Let's chat. There's hope for you yet. I promise!

    I don't have enough time.

    I believe you! That is why you need a self-care makeover. 

    If you don't have time, that means you are saying yes to too many things and no to too few. The chances are high that when you get overwhelmed and busy, your own self-care (nutrition, workouts, downtime, etc.) is the first thing you deprioritize. 

    It should be the last! Together we'll focus on building stronger boundaries with work, friends, social media and even family. Together we'll find you more time than you thought possible!

    Ready to get started? Great! Sign up for your 15-minute makeover consult right now!

    My mind doesn't slow down.

    Did you know how to ride a bike the first time you hopped on one? Probably not. I know I had to start with training wheels. Then, when I graduated to two wheels, it took multiple tumbles before I was able to stay upright. 

    Mindfulness and meditation are like riding a bike. First, someone has to teach you how to do it with training wheels (that's me in this case). Then you try it on your own. Some days you do great. Other days you tumble. But you get better with practice.

    So let's practice! 

    I could never quit my job.

    That's okay; you don't have to!

    Some of my clients end up quitting their jobs as I did. Some of them don't. Redesigning your self-care routine isn't dependent on what you're doing for work. It's about who you are being when you're working and why you go to work. There are tons of ways to own your self-worth, have fun, be content and set healthy boundaries for the job you are at right now. 

    On the flip-side, if you want to quit your job but you're afraid to, that's deeply understandable. You are not alone in feeling that way. That is a big reason why it took me so long to quit my job and substantial motivating factor for launching self-care makeovers. 

    You are more capable and courageous than you might feel at this moment. Let's talk about it. Can I give you a call?

    I've never done yoga.

    Have you ever stretched, or prayed, or gone for a long, quiet walk in nature, or volunteered in a soup kitchen? 

    Then you've done yoga, silly! You just didn't realize it. 

    Want to learn how to do it whenever and wherever you want, especially in an airport waiting to board your flight?

    Rock on! Grab a free 15-minute makeover consult and let's yoga!

    Diets don't work.

    I agree! Curing burnout is not about reducing your jean size. It is about rebalancing your energy equation. That includes both your energy output (activities, work, relationships) and your energy input (nutrition, sleep).

    We'll look at the food you're eating in the context of your emotions, burnout, and energy. We'll examine whether they're serving your recovery or masking your symptoms. And we'll adjust accordingly. 

    The goal is to fill you with foods that you make you feel like your brightest, boldest, most badass self.

    But if your goal is to lose weight, that's cool too! 

    It turns out, chronic stress makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. The correlation between chronic stress and burnout is like 100%. Therefore if we tackle your energy exhaustion (burnout), we'll reduce your stress at the same time!

    This gives your metabolism the opportunity to more effectively digest = higher chance of sustainable weight loss!

    Ready to fix your energy equation? So am I. Pick a time that works for us to chat about it!

    I should be donating my money to good causes, not spending it on self-care.

    I'm a big fan of investing in worthy causes! That includes fantastic organizations and burnt-out boss babes.

    Most of us become boss babes because we genuinely want to improve the world.

    Most of us become burnt-out boss babes because somewhere along the way, we started to believe it was our job to save the world. 

    Gandhi nailed it when he said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." 

    If you want to change the world, turn inward. Confront your inner demons. Sit with them in sacred communion. Learn from them. Practice how to work with them instead of repressing them. Own your worth. Love yourself.

    If you do those things well, you will give sustainably and effortlessly from your inner well of abundance.

    Sound too good to be true? It's not. I'm doing it right now. I'll teach you how. Let's schedule a consult!

    I'm scared.

    Do it anyway.