Whether you’re looking to find your purpose, build your business, advance your career, create meaningful connections, recover from burnout, or give your soul more of the attention it deserves, I’m here to help and hype you!

I work with creatives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and game changers. It doesn’t matter what your day job is. It matters that you feel called to create awesomeness and make an impact.

Some of my clients express their creativity through photography, fashion, acting, directing, or writing.

For others it manifests as teaching yoga, influencing, blogging, and modeling.

I coach engineers, lawyers, and marketers looking to think more creatively about their career.

I even work with moms and dads who want to turn their homes into a source of creativity for themselves and their families.

All of my clients share two core values: purpose and soul.

We partner together so that you can crush your goals (life, financial, career, and business) AND cultivate the space and self-care to nourish your soul so they can create a life you love to live.

We work together 1:1 live in Los Angeles and virtually across the globe via video conferencing.

My Soul Goals Coaching Program blends four types of coaching together:

  • Self care and health coaching (body image, mental health, nutrition and exercise)

  • Business and career coaching (leadership, money, negotiation, and advocating for yourself)

  • Spiritual coaching (purpose, soul, connection to your definition of higher power, community and service)

  • Life and relationship coaching (romantic relationships, friendships, roommates, self-love)

Since I’m an engineer in addition to a coach, I’m pretty obsessed with acronyms, frameworks, and worksheets to help you retain new information, dissect your obstacles, and create unique solutions. Here’s a little taste of what I mean:

  • How to self care like a B.O.S.S.S.: Boundaries, Ownership, Support, Self-compassion, Service

  • Three R’s of Stress Management: Recognize, Relieve, Reduce

  • Three B’s of Stress Relief: Brain, Body, Breath

  • The Purpose Puzzle

  • The Soul Chart

  • Lego Magic: How To Fail With Flair

  • The Reverse Golden Rule: How To Stop Abandoning Yourself

  • How To Say No With L.O.V.E.

  • BYOG - Build Your Own God

  • How To Draft Your Soul Squad

  • Self-Love Letter

All new clients start on a 12-week 1:1 coaching plan. We meet each week for 50 minutes.

The 12 week program is broken down into four modules: Boundaries, Ownership, Support, and Self-compassion (B.O.S.S.). The first week of each module focuses on your business. The second week focuses on your wellbeing. And the third focuses on coaching through obstacles that come up (because they tend to).

Module 1: Boundaries (Weeks 1-3)

Module 2: Ownership (Weeks 4-6)

Module 3: Support (Weeks 7-9)

Module 4: Self-compassion (Weeks 10-12)

By the end of the program you will have the following tangible products:

  • Your #1 business goal for the next three months

  • Your #1 wellness goal for the next three months

  • Your business/career purpose statement

  • Your personal purpose statement

  • A toolkit of 12 stress simple self-care and stress-relief techniques

  • Your Reverse Golden Rule

  • An email template for saying “no”

  • A script for having courageous conversations (difficult conversations)

  • A list of To-Do items to surrender (just not do) and delegate

  • A job description to hire contractors

  • Your own personalized faith mantra

  • A handwritten self-love letter

  • A daily self-love ritual