She's Fun!

I am on a high! My friend Danielle just launched a brilliant brand, called She's Fun! It's all about women sharing their LOLs, heartbreaks, and real lives in digital and physical community. 

Her launch part today at Unita in El Segundo was a HUGE success. There were over 70 women who came out to support She's Fun and each other. I could not be more inspired by Danielle or the boss babes I met today. 

I had the real privilege of speaking to them about self-care and my personal story. I'm still floating from the experience. My sweet new friend Lisa was kind enough to record it on my phone for me and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you!

I hope you enjoy!

We'll start with my favorite breathing technique! It's easy and it helps you calm down in nearly no-time flat!


After I opened with a breathing exercise and intention, we got to talking about what self-care really is. It turns out, most of the talk about self-care in the media, including some of my favorite topics (wine and yoga), are really just self-care band-aids. They don't tackle our burnout and exhaustion at the root cause. Check it out!


Okay, we all know my favorite topic is moi! So here's when I got to tell my story. I know self-care and burnout, because I basically wrote the book on them in my twenties!


Next up, we talked about how to self-care like a B.O.S.S. B stands for boundaries. O stands for ownership. S stands for support. Other S stands for self-compassion.


Before we took some Q&A I led us through a closing blessing and I mentioned the G word. That's right, I blessed a group full of strangers in the name of God. (Huge shout out to Julia Cameron whose prayer it was that I actually read!).


Finally, we wrapped up withe some Q&A!


It was SO MUCH FUN! Thank you again for having me Danielle!