Galentines Day: The Perfect Percocet For A Broken Heart

I just got dumped. Two days before Valentine's Day. By a guy that I really like. Over the phone. Because he doesn't believe he can have a great woman and a great career at the same time.

I wish being a self-care expert gave me a get-of-jail-free card when it comes to experiencing heartbreak. Alas, mon ami, it does not.

Quite the contrary actually. One of the main self-care ingredients is self-compassion. And self-compassion requires cultivating intimacy and respect for my emotions. 

I'm in pain. And that's okay. My sadness and anger are telling me that: I really care about this human; I wanted it to work out; I did my best and brightest to grow something special with someone special. Most importantly, they are telling me that I did what I do best: I loved.

I honor my beautiful, giant, outrageously magical, broken heart.

And with Valentine's Day tomorrow, I thought I'd cheer myself up by posting some beautiful pictures of gorgeous souls and share my Valentine's Day Heartbreak Percocet. It's called Galentines Day!

Earlier this month, before this guy dumped me, my sweet soul sister, Emilee invited me to be a part of her annual Galentines Day Fiesta. I got to meet the incredible Ladies of Galentines: Corey, Ahren, and Adri. They are funny, brilliant, talented, loving, kind women whose generosity of spirit continues to warm my heart, weeks later, as I hold this hurt. So please bear with me as I sing their praises and express my gratitude as I offer a little Galentines Day How-To.


Em is an amazing wedding guru and designed the most delicious Galentines-themed cocktails (recipes here). Not to mention she's the queen of DIY and made actual lipsticks out of construction paper and hot glue! Oh, and she just happens to be one of my dearest friends and biggest supporters.

Corey is a rockstar food blogger who is funny af and just so dearly kind. She got us hooked up with scrumptuous goodies from Sorella Collective and My Delight Bakery. We had unicorn cupcakes. I didn't know those existed. I'm so glad that they do. You can learn all about them on Corey's Galentines Day Blog!

Ahren is a teacher and a light in this world. Her hugs could create world peace if we could figure out how to clone her.

Adri is an insanely talented photographer who took all of these photos showcased in this blog. More than that, she is a gorgeous soul.


My contribution to Galentines was a simple meditation and my simplest, most powerful, most fun medicine for heart trouble: self-love letter.


What is a self-love letter? It's a hand-written note that tells you why it is so dang awesome to be you. It looks a little something like this: 

Dearest Kasey, 

You are spectacular. Your ability to see the glue in the invisible spaces between thoughts, projects, emotions, and people is deep magic. It's like you can see the gaps that make people feel broken, but you also see that they're actually just inches away from connecting the dots and adhering another piece of life's puzzle into sacred spaces inside their souls. You are in fact a witch, the very best kind. Your magic is your gift to this world. Your great privilege is to hold the boundaries while people piece their lives together in new and interesting and beautiful ways. 

What an extraordinary honor it is to be your thinking mind and feeling body. I love you!

Love, Kase

Whether you're in a relationship, single, or going through heartache with someone you love, I highly recommend celebrating Galentines Day. We put together a Galentines Day How-To Guide to help you out and it includes a template for a self-love letter in case you want to write one too!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you don't get dumped over the phone. But even if you do, know that you are loved. And know that your worthy heart is still as worthy and wonderful as ever. I promise.