I’m Kasey.

An entrepreneur, motivational speaker, engineer, yoga teacher, and coach with a big purpose.

To shatter shame so you can live your purpose; fall in love with your life; and connect to your soul.


Live your purpose.

Who were you before the world told you who you were “supposed” to be? And who do you want to become?

You aren’t here by accident. You’re here to do big things. It’s time to stop playing small and start sharing your magic with the world. It makes us all richer.


Love your life.

Enjoying your life is enlightened, not entitled. And you don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue your passion. So learn to be your own boss. Invest your time, energy, and talent in what you believe in.


Take care of your soul.

Be strategically selfish so that you can be sustainably selfless.

Self care lets you show up in service for your community, co-workers, family, and friends without burning out.

Change the world.

The world needs your leadership. It’s time to own your voice and step into your purpose. Dare to be fully you. Then inspire others to do the same.


Be your own hero.

Make money doing what you love. Create meaningful connection living your purpose. Leave a legacy using your soul.


I see you.

You are 100% human. You are 100% worthy. You are 100% loved.

You are more than enough. And I believe in you.


You have the power to change your life and the world. You already have enough time, money, talent, and community to reconnect to your purpose and start living it today. And the sooner you get going, the richer your life, the bigger your impact, and the healthier your mind, body, and soul will become.

I’m here to help you. You can hire me to work one-on-one or come speak to your community. You can attend one of my Soul Goals Workshops. Or you can sign up for my free yoga videos, meditation podcasts, and journal prompts. (Or you can do all of the above!)

My purpose is to inspire you live to yours courageously and free from shame!

I was always skeptical of coaches for reason and I never quite saw the value in a business coach, it wasn’t until I found myself bursting into tears in front of my computer screen that I knew I needed help. Luckily I had met Kasey at a networking event a few weeks prior so I reached out. With in our first 30 min consult call she touched based every issue I was struggling with, it was like she was in my head and knew exactly what I was feeling. No one forewarns you how lonely and challenging it can be being an entrepreneur, but having Kasey help navigate growing a business, balancing a personal life, and sticking with a self care routine has been a game changer. Kasey is truly amazing at what she does and plan on working with her for a very long time.
— Jordis CEO and Founder of Stellen Design
Kasey had been working with Taryn and some of the ladies at Biz Babez and it had been helping them so much. I thought it was so cool, but had been skeptical it would do anything for me. I was still deeply in denial that I needed any help. Then, one day while Kasey and I were getting coffee, I word vomited all over her. The advice she had was incredible.

She takes a very practical engineering approach mixed with some new age practices. It’s great for me as someone who isn’t super ‘woo woo’ but could use a little more meditation in my life! I hired her the very next day!
— Dani, CEO and Founder of @dazeyLA

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