Self-care and Stress-Relief Solutions

For high-performers, overachievers, and business owners

You deserve to tackle big goals, personally and professionally, without sacrificing your health and sanity. That’s why The KD Co. is on a mission to change the way we work from the inside-out, literally!

We coach high-performers, overachievers, and business owners to do the work they’re passionate about AND live whole, healthy lives. Our products feel like your favorite therapist, coach, yoga teacher, fitness instructor, and meditation guide got together and had a baby with Bill Nye the Science Guy.


Unsubscribe from the myth…

That in order to crush your goals you have to crush your soul!


We partner with individuals and businesses

To improve health, job/life satisfaction, and performance.

Key coaching includes:

  • Recognize & identify stress symptoms (mental, physical, & emotional), triggers, and habits

  • Relieve stress that you can’t avoid (like traffic)

  • Reduce stress by eliminating energy vampires (like aimlessly scrolling Instagram)

  • Build and owning healthy boundaries with friends, family, clients, teammates, bosses and your phone

  • Combat perfectionism through real-time stress feedback and self-compassion

  • Confidently navigate difficult (stress-inducing) conversations

  • Create bespoke self-care cocktails that promote holistic wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health)

  • Ditch the guilt associated with your To-Do Lists 

Kasey is such a wonderful, unique person. She has a way of simultaneously being an unbiased business coach, your biggest cheerleader, a brilliant strategist, and empathetic therapist all at the same time. As anyone who’s navigating their way through building a business or career knows, having help on your side is crucial to your success and your sanity. With Kasey, you get all of the essential support systems wrapped up in one extremely knowledgeable, hilariously animated, and especially kind human. Her analytical approach to accomplishing goals paired with her genuine belief in her clients and their well-being has you leaving each session feeling more confident than ever.
— Jordan CEO and Founder of Clever Designs LA
I was always skeptical of coaches for reason and I never quite saw the value in a business coach, it wasn’t until I found myself bursting into tears in front of my computer screen that I knew I needed help. Luckily I had met Kasey at a networking event a few weeks prior so I reached out. With in our first 30 min consult call she touched based every issue I was struggling with, it was like she was in my head and knew exactly what I was feeling. No one forewarns you how lonely and challenging it can be being an entrepreneur, but having Kasey help navigate growing a business, balancing a personal life, and sticking with a self care routine has been a game changer. Kasey is truly amazing at what she does and plan on working with her for a very long time.
— Jordis CEO and Founder of Stellen Design
I didn’t think I needed a coach. Now I don’t know what I’d do without her. Everyone needs a Kasey. And she’s not even paying me to say that!
— Taryn, CEO and Founder of @vegetaryn
Kasey had been working with Taryn and some of the ladies at Biz Babez and it had been helping them so much. I thought it was so cool, but had been skeptical it would do anything for me. I was still deeply in denial that I needed any help. Then, one day while Kasey and I were getting coffee, I word vomited all over her. The advice she had was incredible.

She takes a very practical engineering approach mixed with some new age practices. It’s great for me as someone who isn’t super ‘woo woo’ but could use a little more meditation in my life! I hired her the very next day!
— Dani, CEO and Founder of @dazeyLA

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I’m literally my ideal client.

I’m Kasey Dreier, the founder of The KD Co. I'm a Stanford-educated engineer/program manager/yoga teacher/self-care coach/meditation teacher. I am the quintessential overachiever.

We curate and contextualize the best tools from yoga, therapy, coaching, and meditation.

That means we only teach you tools that work for you, your situation, and your personality! We only teach them within the context of the obstacles right in front of you. There's a process to our magic!

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