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Create more; hustle less.

I help creatives make more money, reduce stress, and shrink your To-Do List.

You are building brave businesses that are affecting social change, fighting for the environment, making people healthier, and gifting the world with magic, compassion, and sheer joy. More importantly you are giving other people permission to be more human. AND. I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT! Just think of me as your #1 hypewoman, favorite yoga teacher, and fairy business godcoach all-in-one.


Productivity destroys creativity.

Creatives are artists and that’s a powerful calling.

But creating is vulnerable work. It requires courage, space, and a constant inflow of inspiration.

Traditional 9-5 routines and mentalities don’t work for creative entrepreneurs. Neither does the hustle. Because after all the emails are sent, invoices are paid, and IG stories are made, you still have to have the energy and emotional bandwidth to create cool shit.


Crush your goals, not your soul.

Luckily there’s a better way!

My programs focus on giving creative rock stars the structure, accountability, and support they need to run a successful business, stay inspired, and take care of themselves

And no, it doesn’t require adding things to your To-Do List. It’s called B.O.S.S. and it stands for boundaries, ownership, support, and self-compassion.

Want to learn more?

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Want your own copy of the B.O.S.S. Strategy?

I was always skeptical of coaches for reason and I never quite saw the value in a business coach, it wasn’t until I found myself bursting into tears in front of my computer screen that I knew I needed help. Luckily I had met Kasey at a networking event a few weeks prior so I reached out. With in our first 30 min consult call she touched based every issue I was struggling with, it was like she was in my head and knew exactly what I was feeling. No one forewarns you how lonely and challenging it can be being an entrepreneur, but having Kasey help navigate growing a business, balancing a personal life, and sticking with a self care routine has been a game changer. Kasey is truly amazing at what she does and plan on working with her for a very long time.
— Jordis CEO and Founder of Stellen Design
I didn’t think I needed a coach. Now I don’t know what I’d do without her. Everyone needs a Kasey. And she’s not even paying me to say that!
— Taryn, CEO and Founder of @vegetaryn
Kasey had been working with Taryn and some of the ladies at Biz Babez and it had been helping them so much. I thought it was so cool, but had been skeptical it would do anything for me. I was still deeply in denial that I needed any help. Then, one day while Kasey and I were getting coffee, I word vomited all over her. The advice she had was incredible.

She takes a very practical engineering approach mixed with some new age practices. It’s great for me as someone who isn’t super ‘woo woo’ but could use a little more meditation in my life! I hired her the very next day!
— Dani, CEO and Founder of @dazeyLA

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You are 100% worthy.

I grew up in competitive environments that valued productivity and performance over creativity and wellbeing. As a result, I grew up believing some common myths…

1. I can sleep when I die. If I work harder than everyone else I’m sure to succeed. Until then, push through.

2. Productivity over creativity. Art is nice but it doesn’t pay the bills.

3. Net-worth is the source of my self-worth. My worth = my savings, income, job title, accomplishments, and material possessions.

4. Always say yes. As a woman I will always have to work harder than men to prove myself. So say yes to every opportunity and slay it.

5. Self-care is selfish, woo-woo, and weak. Admitting I need help is weak. Investing in my well-being is a luxury.

It took two serious traumas, including almost dying, before I started to question, challenge, and eventually reject these beliefs.

In 2015 I quit my six-figure, corporate job - the epitome of success to me - to start over and start healthier.

I wanted to find a way to make my living into a life and my life into something I enjoyed living.

More than anything, I wanted to value my creativity and knack for motivational coaching as much as I valued my elite degrees and engineering skills.

So I spent tens of thousands of dollars on yoga teacher trainings, business trainings, coaching, therapy, consulting, and PR/marketing/advertising.

I learned a lot. But I also went into debt.

Finding a better way caused me a lot of emotional and financial stress.

I wouldn’t change the way I did it.

But I would like to create a less stressful experience for other creatives, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business leaders who are looking to build businesses they love that nourish their souls without sacrificing their wellbeing in the process.

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