Self-care and Stress-Management Coaching For Overachievers: Crush Your Goals, Not Your Soul

Hi, I'm Kasey Dreier. I'm a mission to eradicate burnout and shatter shame around mental health.

I'm an overachiever recovering from a decade-long burnout. After years of therapy, coaching, yoga, and meditation, I finally figured out how to prioritize my health without sacrificing my badass dreams.

I've come full-circle and combined my newfound passion for self-development with my background in engineering to build a business dedicated to promoting self-care and emotional intelligence and reducing stress and exhaustion.

I empower overachievers, influencers, and leaders to be strategically selfish so they can be sustainably selfless.

I didn’t think I needed a coach. Now I don’t know what I’d do without her. Everyone needs a Kasey. And she’s not even paying me to say that!
— @vegetaryn

My online courses and coaching focus on empowering badasses, like you, to:

  • Accomplish your big, worthy goals
  • Slay your stress
  • Protect your energy
  • Find time for the things that you love
  • Invest in your health and sanity
Kasey had been working with Taryn and some of the ladies at Biz Babez and it had been helping them so much. I thought it was so cool, but had been skeptical it would do anything for me. I was still deeply in denial that I needed any help. Then, one day while Kasey and I were getting coffee, I word vomited all over her. The advice she had was incredible.

She takes a very practical engineering approach mixed with some new age practices. It’s great for me as someone who isn’t super ‘woo woo’ but could use a little more meditation in my life! I hired her the very next day!
— @dazeyLA

I'm literally my ideal client.

I'm a Stanford-educated engineer/program manager/yoga teacher/self-care coach/meditation teacher. I am the quintessential overachiever. Consequently, my programs are a cocktail of empathetic compassion and tough love. They're also an endearing marriage of woo-woo, new age, yoga / stress-management techniques and nerdy, practical, program management oriented process.

I curate and contextualize the best tools from yoga, therapy, coaching, and meditation. That means I only teach the tools that work for me and my clients and I only teach them within the context of the obstacles right in front of you. There's a process to my magic! And according to my clients, it works.


You can crush your goals and live a sane, healthy life.

I've heard it all. "I can't slow my mind down." "Balance is a myth." "This is the price of success." Blah, blah, blah. Seriously, all that nonsense is boring and plain wrong. 

If you're still reading this page, you are definitely an overachiever. That means you are no stranger to tackling tough, big challenges. You are a goal-crusher by nature. So do this thought experience with me, please. Think of the hardest thing you've ever accomplished. Got it? Great! Now, consider, did it happen over night? Probably not. You probably worked you're overachieving butt off to make something incredible happen. You practiced. You committed. You didn't give up.

Which makes you uniquely qualified to be incredibly good at simultaneously crushing goals and protecting your health and soul. Is it hard? You bet. But since when has that stopped you? That's right, never.

So is it possible to crush your goals and live a full, happy life? Of course it is. The real question is whether you're willing to work for it.

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