You are a boss babe. You are no stranger to kicking ass and taking names. By all visible indicators, you have it made. You got the degrees; you got the job; you got the passport stamps. You may even have a beautiful house, spouse, and children.

There is no goal that you have set that you haven't crushed.

But something feels off. Maybe it's the extra glass of wine you've started drinking on Tuesday nights. Or the fact that you wake up at 3 am running through a To-Do list. Or maybe it's as simple as feeling frustrated about constantly feeling exhausted.

SISTER, I feel you. I've been there.

You deserve to crush your goals without having to crush your soul. You deserve to feel content about you, your life, and your accomplishments without always having to consider "the next move." You don't have to prove a damn thing.

I wish someone had told me that before I quit my job and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my version of an Eat, Pray, Love sabbatical.

They didn't. 

Instead, I went on a soul journey. I traveled. I did yoga. I became a yoga teacher. I got therapy. I hired a coach. I became a coach. I started three companies for the wrong reasons. I folded/quit each of them. I found God again.

Most importantly, I learned how to channel my inner perfectionist's boundless energy into taking care of myself instead of everyone else. Which, incidentally, has given me abundant energy and motivation to take care of everyone else anyway.

I created Self-care Makeovers For Burnt-out Boss Babes to teach you how to take care of you first too! But without the shame, guilt, and wine bottle.

Self-care Makeovers For Burnt-out Boss Babes coaches you on how to befriend your inner perfectionist; recognize all the ways she's helped you get to where you are; acknowledge all the ways she's preventing you from getting to where you want to go, and teach her how to channel that energy into your own well-being. That way you can kick butt AND feel content about your extraordinary accomplishments. Bonuses include:

  • Get more and better sleep
  • Build more conscious relationships with work, family, friends, alcohol, social media, food and money.
  • Own your self-worth
  • Have fun!

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